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Village Eulogia for Families with Special Needs

Registered Name: Village Eulogia for Families with Special Needs

Business Number: 842562704RR0001

Camp Eulogia 2019

Campaign Ended Jan. 31, 2019

Every child, regardless of their needs, deserves to experience camp. Many, however, are too dependent on their family to attend alone. Support us in giving special needs families time at Camp Eulogia. It costs $200 for each child to attend.

Camp Eulogia is a summer retreat program aimed at spiritual renewal, connection with each other and sharing a fun time as a family. Families stay in cottage like accommodations and meals are shared in a communal dining lounge. We provide family activities and ample time for families and volunteers to meet, share and worship as a community. Separate programming is also offered to children with disabilities, parents and siblings. We provide 1:1 support for the children through a myriad of volunteers, allowing parents a chance to connect, share and learn from one another.

Every family with a child with special needs deserves to be led to find meaning in the disability and a sense of hope. We believe time at camp precipitates this. A special focus of Camp Eulogia is on the community. Through worship, group games and outdoor activities (e.g., canoeing, waterplay and campfires), families, volunteers and staff come together as a community in Christ.

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