Virgin Mobile RE*Generation


Business Number: 841790728RR0001

Virgin Mobile RE*Generation

Empowering a generation to help its own and supporting at-risk and homeless youth has been at the heart of Virgin Mobile RE*Generation since its creation in 2008. A partnership of Virgin Unite and Virgin Mobile Canada, at-risk and homeless youth are being helped to develop skills they need to get and keep jobs.

Right now 225,000 Canadian youth are not in school and aren’t employed. Without the right skills or opportunities, youth could slip into the cycle of homelessness. Virgin Mobile RE*Generation isn’t looking for a temporary fix, we need a long-term solution. Receiving skills-training and long-term employment opportunities will make a lasting impact to the lives of Canadian youth.

Your donation will be part of investments in programs that provide at-risk and homeless youth with the in-demand skills employers are looking for in IT, digital print, food services and construction industries.

Thank you for your support. Learn more about Virgin Mobile RE*Generation and how you can get involved.