VOICE for deaf and hard of hearing children


Business Number: 123609364RR0001

Our Mission

Voice for deaf and hard of hearing children is committed to:

•Advocating on behalf of deaf and hard of hearing children and their families
•Supporting deaf and hard of hearing children and their families through providing access to information, education, mentoring, and self-advocacy skills training
•Educating the general public that deaf and hard of hearing children can learn to listen and speak

Our Vision

A world where deaf and hard of hearing children have the opportunity to maximize their listening and spoken language potential.

About Our Charity

For 50 years with the help of donors, families of children living with hearing loss have been provided the emotional and technical support they need as their child starts their journey to learn to hear, listen and speak. The programs and services we offer are shaped by four objectives:

  • Support parents and give them the hope they need in raising their child with hearing loss.
  • Empower children to become fully independent and integrated members of their community.
  • Educate the public that children who are deaf can hear, listen and speak.
  • Advocate for, and on behalf of, children with hearing loss to attain critical supports and services crucial to the academic achievement and wellbeing of children with hearing loss.

VOICE is able to offer one-on-one parent mentoring, advocate for the needs of children with hearing loss in schools, publish unique educational materials, host an annual conference for parents, teens and professionals, provide auditory-verbal therapy and host an inclusive summer family camp because of caring donors.

Thank you for your donation.

What People Are Saying

"My ability to be comfortable in mainstream society stems from the confidence I gained from knowing my potential. It’s difficult for me to even fathom how different my life would have been, but I will always be truly grateful for the chance and opportunities that VOICE helped me gain."

— VOICE alumnus, Nathan Owen-Going, PhD.

"VOICE has been a huge help to our family over the past 4 years. Our son Nicolas lost his hearing at 12 months of age - he now has a voice and is about to enter Grade 1 with his peers. Could not have done it without the awesome team at VOICE."

— VOICE parent, Jennifer McGill-Canu, Read More

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