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Our Mission

Reaching out to Iranians.  Sharing the love of Christ.


Voice of Christ Media Ministries serves Iranians and other Persian-speaking people in many countries by bringing them into a life-changing encounter with the living Christ through the internet, mobile phones, satellite radio, AM broadcasts, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other media.

We love Iranians because Christ loved us first when we had no hope of knowing God.  We reach out to them in their language Farsi. Most of them know nothing at all about God’s love for them. Our goal is to spread the news about the Living Word, Jesus Christ, as He is explained in the pages of the written Word of God, the Bible.

God is moving among Iranians as never before. Millions are open to the Gospel, and thousands are coming to faith in Christ. Iranians are the most spiritually open Muslim people group in the world today.

Countless numbers log in to our Farsi Radio Mojdeh website, tune their radios and satellite dishes to our programming or access our Facebook page so they can hear God’s Word. We answer their questions, give them biblical counsel and send follow-up materials to teach them the Gospel and help them grow in Christ.

What People Are Saying

"This is a vital, urgently needed ministry to some of the most unreached people in the world. More of us need to get involved in this."

— George Verwer, founder, Operation Mobilization

"I'm persuaded by faith and by Scripture that God’s purposes will be accomplished and the Muslim world will welcome the Gospel in this generation. Voice of Christ Media Ministries' strategic ministry to Iran and the Persian world is more important than ever."

— Luis Palau, international evangelist

"I know the integrity and faithfulness of the staff. As a listener to “Radio Mojdeh," I receive the blessings of solid Biblical teaching and inspiring music. I firmly believe that the great spiritual awaking that is taking place in Iran has been greatly fueled by Voice of Christ Media Ministries."

— Tat Stewart, Founder and Executive Director of Talim Ministries

"I am privileged to know the ministry of the Voice of Christ Media Ministries and its leadership team for over 45 years. This ministry is renowned for its integrity, excellence and uncompromising commitment to making known the life and love of Jesus Christ."

— Michael Little, former President of Christian Broadcasting Network

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