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Volunteer MBC

Registered Name: Volunteer Mississauga Brampton Caledon

Business No: 847920469RR0001

Our Aspiration Volunteer MBC fuels purposeful connections between people to respond to the most pressing social issues in our community.

Volunteer MBC


Volunteer MBC fuels purposeful connections between people to respond to the most pressing social issues in our community.

Who we are

• A registered charity active since 2008 serving Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon
• A collective comprised of a member base of over 150 non-profit organizations in Peel
• A service provider mobilizing thousands of volunteers to the causes that need them
• A capacity-builder via volunteer management and learning services for non-profits
• A champion in bringing together residents and organizations around shared values
• An active member of the Ontario Volunteer Centre Network and Volunteer Canada

What we do

Connect and Contribute

We facilitate meaningful volunteer involvement
• Connect people to the causes that need them
• Enable improved volunteer recruitment and engagement

Inform and Inspire

We promote and celebrate the power of volunteerism
• Raise awareness of community needs and assets
• Recognize excellence to thank volunteers and inspire others

Educate and Enhance

We strengthen organizational effectiveness and strategy
• Train boards and staff to be more effective and efficient
• Bring organizations together to share resources and collaborate 

Assemble and Activate

We bring people together to make a positive difference
• Develop inclusive community-led service initiatives
• Implement collective action among, youth, seniors, newcomers

Why we do it

Imagine a world without volunteers. A world where social purpose organizations could not exist. A world where the most vulnerable in our community would be the most dramatically affected. Residents would lack resources to increase their employability through volunteerism. The benefits to personal health and wellbeing through acts of service would not be cultivated, and we would not be united with our sense of community. 

Volunteer MBC is a two-sided platform:
• We refer thousands of volunteers each year to community organizations offering services in Peel
• We strengthen organizations to make volunteer experiences more meaningful and effective




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