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VO builds community by strengthening the non-profit sector through a focus on building expertise, fostering collaboration and promoting volunteerism.  For over sixty years, we have been a leader in helping people make a meaningful difference in our city.

Our workshops and training sessions, inclusive programs, networking opportunities, and database of volunteer opportunities ensure that individuals and non-profit organizations have the skills, knowledge and resources they need to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.  We support over 300 local non-profit organizations and place over 2000 volunteers per year, who passionately contribute to the common good of our city.

VO Mission

Volunteer Ottawa builds community by strengthening the non-profit sector.

VO Vision

Our vision is an inclusive, engaged, and empowered community realized through a strong non-profit sector.

Operating Principles

Volunteer Ottawa operates by enabling and promoting a culture of intra-and cross-sector collaboration. VO uses a community impact approach which involves making connections among key players (non-profit sector, government, private sector and community members.

Building Expertise

VO workshops and training sessions on topics ranging from fundraising to volunteer management and board responsibilities ensure that management, staff and leadership in non-profit organizations have the skills and knowledge they need to successfully serve clients.

Fostering Collaboration

VO programs and networking opportunities facilitate links between the non-profit, private and government sectors, and among non-profit organizations, to address common interests.

Promoting and Supporting Volunteerism

VO’s database of volunteer opportunities, Volunteer Pool, volunteer resources and recognition program ensures that organizations have the volunteers they need and volunteers find the opportunities they are seeking.

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