Registered Name: VOSH Ontario

Business Number: 851583542RR0001


Mission: Transforming lives through the gift of vision for people who can neither afford nor obtain such care. 

VOSH ON (Est. 1996), an Ontario based chapter of VOSH International, organizes medical trips by Optometrists and trained volunteers to Central America (Guatemala) to provide eye care.

These trips provide people living in areas where regular eye care is not available with medical services including:

  • eye exams;
  • eye care counselling;
  • fitting of donated/used glasses;
  • and, eye surgeries including cataract operations.

100% of the funds are used for eye care and all donations are tax deductible!  

The VOSH group volunteer their time, pay their way down to Guatemala and provide glasses, the surgical equipment for procedures like cataract and other ocular surgeries. As well, VOSH ON works with a Guatemalan ophthalmologist who donates his time.

Canadian activities include the collection and sorting of used eye glasses, hats and other related items for the transportation to and distribution in Central America.

Your donations can make a big difference in the quality of life for people who simply cannot afford proper eye care!

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