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About This Charity

Explore the endless possibilities at Waterloo Public Library

Our Goal

Our audacious goal is to be a transformational force in the development of Waterloo and its citizens.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to fulfill the multiple literacy needs of our community.

Our Values

  • Learning and growth
  • Free exchange of ideas
  • Being engaged and responsive to needs
  • Right of everyone to access information
  • Belief in our customers.

Quick Stats (2014)

  • over 1.8 million items were borrowed by customers
  • 63,390 active memberships
  • 755,760 visits made to the library
  • 775,785 visits to the website (www.wpl.ca)
  • 85,430 computer workstation bookings
  • 1,565 programs held; attendance of almost 35,000
  • 365,000 books in the collection; will 30,483 added in 2014
  • 153 volunteers worked 5,332 hours


Main Library, 35 Albert Street, Waterloo, ON N2L 5E2

McCormick Branch, 500 Parkside Drive, Waterloo, ON N2L 5J4

John M. Harper Branch, 500 Fischer-Hallman Road North, Waterloo, ON N2L 0B1

What People Are Saying

"Because of community minded people such as WPL we are able to work together to make Waterloo a viable and worthwhile community to live in as well as helping to beautify the area. We look forward to many years of working with you. Thank you for allowing us the use of your wonderful venue."

— Waterloo Horticultural Society

"What I like about the library is many things. First of all, I love the librarians. They are so funny. Also I like all the books. And finally, I like how you can study or read and it is quiet. It’s my favourite place!”"

— Maggie, Children's Department customer

"I know how lucky we are to have such an amazing library. I used to live in another city, approximately the same size as Waterloo, and the library was always pitiful, which is such a shame. I relish and appreciate the extensive, amazing collection at WPL."

— Anonymous (regular customer)

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35 Albert Street

Waterloo, ON , N2L 5E2


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