Watershed Watch Salmon Society


Business Number: 869489476RR0001

Watershed Watch Salmon Society is a science-based charity working to defend and rebuild B.C.’s wild salmon. We focus on the impact of open-net salmon farms, increasing salmon habitat along the Fraser, supporting sustainable fishing practices and tackling the policies and legislation that affect wild salmon.


Our mission is to defend and rebuild B.C.’s wild salmon, along the water and in the community.

Our vision: Thriving wild salmon runs across B.C. forever.

What People Are Saying

"Watershed Watch is an important ally for First Nations peoples in our continued struggle to safeguard wild salmon. The science provided is second to none and advocacy and support for First Nations is Five Star Gold Medal category."

— Chief Bob Chamberlin, Read More

"We support Watershed Watch because of the important work they do protecting wild Pacific salmon. Hook and Vice customers love the outdoors and care about the natural environment here in B.C. Wild salmon play an important role in what makes this province such a diverse and wonderful place to live."

— Noel Fox, Hook and Vice, Read More

"If we value wild salmon, we need to do something now. A life without wild nature and a life without these great, iconic species is an impoverished life. If we lose all wild species, we’re going to lose ourselves."

— Yvon Chouinard, Founder and Owner, Patagonia, Read More

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