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About This Charity

For nearly 16 years the Watershed Watch Salmon Society has advocated for better care for wild salmon. Maintaining diverse wild salmon populations and their habitats provides many benefits—to salmon, ecosystems, and people.  By exposing threats and calling for conservation action, Watershed Watch has played a leading role in reducing—even reversing—impacts of overfishing, habitat destruction, aquaculture, irresponsible hydro development, and government indifference.

Watershed Watch’s “hybrid” approach to salmon conservation is a blend of fact-and-values-based advocacy, scientific expertise, fiscal responsibility, and a recent transition to engagement organizing. This approach is encompassed by our Theory of Change, where we seek to “better protect wild salmon and their habitat by engaging, organizing, and galvanizing our supporters, earning their trust, respect and help, by marshaling evidence of threats and championing solutions.”

As the task of saving salmon gets ever more challenging, Watershed Watch is pushing ever harder to put our Theory of Change in play throughout British Columbia; through our ongoing work and earned position; through our special advisory roles and partnerships (academic, First Nations, ENGOs, public); through earned and social media; by gathering evidence of threats on the ground and on the water; holding governments and others to account; championing solutions to the public, policy-makers, and industry; and by engaging the help of our growing list of supporters.