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Humaniti | Hot Meals

Registered Name: Humaniti Foundation

Business No: 719676926RR0001

Humaniti | Hot Meals

Humaniti is providing hot meals to families who've seen little else but hardship.

In Syria, where the echo of conflict lingers, in Yemen, amidst the world's forgotten humanitarian crisis, and in many other countries where vulnerable people lack access to food- Humaniti is there. And we're inviting you to be a part of this critical mission.

Let us rise to the occasion and respond with urgency and compassion. Let the empathy that stirs within us for the sake of those families in Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, and beyond, who are part of our family. The time to act is now.

Let us be the answer to their prayers. Let us be the reason they hold onto hope. Donate generously, for in doing so, you are not just giving food, you are giving life.

How much is a meal? $2 is all it takes!

🍲 10 Hot Meals: $20

🍲 20 Hot Meals: $40 

🍲 50 Hot Meals: $100

🍲 100 Hot Meals: $200