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Welcome Home Children's Centre Inc.

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Welcome Home Children's Centre Inc.


In 2004, Haitian-born Camille Otum joined a group from her church as a chaperone on a youth group mission trip to her homeland. She figured her leadership and language skills would be an asset and a week later, she'd be back home.

However, during the trip, she left for several hours to visit old friends in her hometown of Cabaret, about two hours north of Port-au-Prince. She was not prepared for what she saw: Homeless children begging in the streets, desperate and underfed.

Camille returned to Canada with this image permanently etched on her mind and began talking with friends, family and her husband Sam about the situation. With their help she shifted into action mode. After considering options, they decided to open an orphanage and Welcome Home Children’s Centre was incorporated as a non-profit entity in Canada.

She returned to Cabaret and rented a three-bedroom home with fenced yard. As fortune would have it, the property was owned by a Canadian.

After several years, they purchased a larger property and began the task of building a residence. Engineering Ministries International designed a two-phase construction plan and the first phase was completed with the help of donations and a dozen children moved into their safe new home.

Today, Welcome Home Children's Centre is able to feed, clothe, shelter, supervise and provide for education on a shoestring budget, but in 2021 the desire is strong to complete phase two of the project with the goal of (a) being able to help many more children, and (b) provide dorm accommodation which gives the boys and girls more privacy as the original children are now in their teenage years.

This also necessitates an upgrade to the solar power system. Initial project costs are in the range of $250,000 CDN, which is many times their annual budget. The total project cost will eventually be double this amount, with rates fluctuating with Canada/US currency exchange as the US dollar is needed to pay local contractors and pay for supplies in Haitian Gourdes, the local currency.

New partners are needed. Monthly gifts during 2021 will provide ongoing help with project costs, while one-time gifts at the outset will help get phase two started sooner.

The charity's goals:

■ Fund, initiate, develop, facilitate and promote programs, activities and facilities that will contribute to the overall well being of genuinely orphaned children, who have been exploited and abandoned in Haiti, through the provision of adequate housing, health care, education and training.

■ Fund, develop and organize various self-sustaining initiatives including agricultural projects and well construction, thus facilitating skills development, a sustainable food source and a stable supply of clean water.

■ Organize and lead trips to Haiti of volunteer teams consisting of health care workers and educators wanting to improve the lives of the young citizens of this nation.

Welcome Home Children's Centre is a faith-driven charity and children participate in extra-curricular events with kids from local churches.

Turning children away is one of the hardest things Sam and Camille have had to do, but they are resolute in their commitment to help the most needy orphans, some of whom were living on the streets their whole lives before coming to the centre.

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