WES for Youth Online

Registered Name: Wellness & Emotional Support (WES) for Youth Online

Business Number: 852140441RR0001

Wellness and Emotional Support (WES) for Youth Online was founded in 2012 by Jamie and Yolanda Cameron after losing their son Wes, to suicide. WES for Youth Online is committed to providing free and professional online counselling to those who are seeking support for their mental health needs.

WES for Youth Online provides:

  • An online safe space where youth across Ontario can express themselves and get free support from a professional, non-judgmental counsellor. This one-on-one connection, away from any office, or the eyes and opinions of others, gives young people the opportunity to share their feelings and concerns, while dealing with life issues privately in a manner that is familiar and comfortable to them
  • Resources for teens and parents. Available, 24/7, our online resource centre provides high-quality, reliable information about a variety of mental health and emotional wellness issues from some of the most prominent and research-driven organizations in the province. Our headquarters in Walkerton, Ontario is a community hub for sharing and learning around mental wellness and emotional support and life issues affecting young people and their families
  • Insight, inspiration, and support. Young people who are ready to tell their stories of coping with and overcoming mental health issues are encouraged and support in contributing to WES for Youth Online so that others know it is OK to have issues, it is OK to ask for help because your life is worth living
  • Opportunities to give back to your community and support the young people who are its future.WES for Youth Online depends on the generosity of its supporters to achieve its goals. Your continued contribution (small or large) of funds, time, expertise, and goodwill are critical to our success

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Monthly giving is cost effective and efficient for both you and the Ontario youth supported by WES for Youth Online. As a monthly donor Smile Member, you help to provide sustainable funding all year long for WES for Youth Online’s programs and services, inclusive of our online counselling platform and the WES Crew and WES Links high school student advisory committees.

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What People Are Saying

"Spread the word, You are not alone. Wes for Youth Online is open, available and supportive. What a great organization. You are not alone."

— Wendy Baines, Read More

"Amazing staff and if you need to talk they are they're to listen . Don't just stand there, speak up and talk . They will listen and they are there to help ."

— April Wilson , Read More

"The more awareness we can give our youth and their families, friends and others, the better everyone will be. Please share and encourage all to talk."

— Linda Giroux McQuoid, Read More

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