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Full equality: not yet, not everywhere

West Coast LEAF is the only organization in BC dedicated to promoting women’s equality through litigation and law reform. We’ve helped bring about some of the most important victories for women in Canada: safe access to reproductive rights; fair workplace standards, fair separation agreements, “no means no” in sexual assault; the right to be free of sexual harassment from landlords, and more.

Our mission

We’ve been working since 1985 to end discrimination against women. We do this through equality rights litigation, law reform, and public legal education. We envision a society in which women are full participants in all social, economic, and political activities.

What your donation supports

West Coast LEAF intervenes in strategic test cases to protect and advance the human rights outlined in the Charter. Our law reform program monitors how legislation affects the legal rights of women, and we engage with governments on those issues. Our public legal education program helps British Columbians learn about legal equality while empowering them to access their rights and think critically about the law.

What People Are Saying

"West Coast LEAF is our best hope for women's equality before the courts, for women's equal opportunity in employment and in relationships, and for fairness in how society treats its vulnerable."

— Former Board member

"The discussion today on the CBC's Sunday Edition with Kasari Govender on cyber misogyny was excellent. Congratulations for this important work, for the report, and for the recommendations."

— Jo-Ann Kolmes

"I used a case for which West Coast Leaf was an intervener to defend myself against my ex-husband who was unfairly trying to vary my support payments.Thanks for all the good work!"

— Email received October 2 2014

"I want to draw attention to the recent report by West Coast Leaf called “#CyberMisogyny” that is entirely about what all of us at the federal, provincial and municipal levels, in our schools and even in our homes can do to begin putting an end to cyber-misogyny."

— Niki Ashton, NDP MP for Churchill Manitoba, in the House of Commons, Read More

"Huge TY to Isabel at @WestCoast_LEAF for the interactive, informative and FUN talk on Worker's Rights in our last session!"

— Intersections Media on twitter

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