Western Canada Theatre


Business Number: 119292985RR0001

WCT is proud to bring world-class theatre to the audiences of Kamloops, our region, and across Canada – from our highly anticipated holiday musicals to our popular Saturday Pay-What-You-Can Matinees, from our innovative Pavilion Theatre to our delightful Family Series. Throughout its 43 years, WCT has also looked to the future by providing professional theatre training for artists and technicians and theatre arts education for children and youth.

The magic of live theatre, which transports you to other worlds and other lives, needs your financial support. Ticket sales cover only about 25% of the costs of the design teams, performers, sets, costumes, lighting and scripts for the shows that we build and produce here for our stage.

Please give to WCT today and be as generous as you can. Your support makes a difference.


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