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Western Muslim Initiative

Registered Name: Western Muslim Initiative

Business No: 866334907RR0001

Western Muslim Initiative


Our Mission

Provide a forum that explores and contributes to a diversity of perspectives on Muslims and Islam.

About Western Muslim Initiative

The Western Muslim Initiative is a non-profit organization providing a forum that expresses and contributes to a diversity of opinions on Muslims and Islam.

We do this through the following:

1. Online Media - drive discussion through the Western Muslim Magazine and Speak Free Podcast.

2. Events - create forums with leading experts on Muslims and Islam.

3. Local Community Development - enhance community leadership and participation through Western Muslim Chapters and local community projects.

The Western Muslim has been active since 2002 and has grown steadily. Our Board consists of 8 volunteer members who strongly believe that just like us, there are many out there who want to celebrate Western Muslims and the unique way we incorporate Islam into our daily lives.


303 Varsity Estates Bay NW

Calgary, AB, T3B 2W6

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