Weston Area Emergency Support (WAES)


Business Number: 119295202RR0001


WAES will provide food support  to those in the Weston - Mount Dennis Community and will offer support without judgment.  Welcome community members from all backgrounds and walks of life.  Respect all who come through our doors, both community members and volunteers

Hours of operation

  • Open for Clients: Tuesday and Friday from 9AM to 11AM
  • Call:  416-247-3737
  • Closed: The first week of each month
  • Summer Hours: Call ahead to check


Basic emergency food bank offering help to those in need.  Community members may come once per month for assistance.

Community members require identification for themselves and all family members.  Suggest health card. Need proof of address, phone number and first names and birth dates of all family members.  If a person does not have an address or ID they will not be turned away.

Clients receive a food hamper that should help for approximately 3 days.  Available food includes canned meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, rice, pasta, sauces, protein beans, juice and cereal.  Fresh produce and milk are given out when available.

WAES is 100% volunteer run.  We exist with the support of the community, local schools, faith organizations, businesses and individuals.  All support is greatly appreciated but our volunteers, and our community.


Weston Mount Dennis is a community in transition. There are pockets of deep poverty, but we are fortunate to have organizations like WAES that works to support those in our community that live with hunger every day.  In 2017 WAES helped an average of 750 people each month, of whom 32% were children under 18.  We had a total of 9,485 client visits, which is down somewhat from 2016. 


The community members that access food support from WAES are:

  1. Newcomers to Canada (41%)
  2. People with disabilities (52%).
  3. Education level college or higher (44%)
  4. Income spent on rent and utilities (72%)
  5. Families with children (48%)
  6. 51% of the adults and 19% of the children who get food support are going hungry at least once per week.   

(WAES Stats from Daily Bread’s 2017 “Who’s Hungry” survey)


 WAES continues to be supplied weekly by the North York Harvest and Second Harvest organizations.  These two organizations help us keep our shelves filled with canned goods, milk and fresh and frozen food.  They supply us with about 40% of our total food. The amount of food we received from North York Harvest was down over the summer, requiring us to purchase more food.  

Many individuals send in money or food support.  In total we received over $60K in cash donations to purchase the food we do not get donated.   We also have to pay for insurance, our phone, and premises support. 

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