Whispers of Hope


Business Number: 845104546RR0001

Whispers of Hope provides a drop in center for the impoverished where we work to motivate and empower individuals. We offer community support, nourishment, personal and household essentials in a safe and welcoming environment. Our facility is made up of two sides that work together on our mission: our community kitchen and our thrift store.

Our Community Kitchen is open Monday through Friday ever week from 9am-1pm. We offer bread with peanut butter, jam, and fresh fruit with our coffee and tea every morning, a continental breakfast when possible, and a warm nutritious lunch. The Kitchen is proud to offer a variety of home cooked meals composed mostly of donated items and supplemented with an established grocery budget. We are happy to be working with many businesses and farmers in our area to utilize as much local produce and meat as possible. This year our meals per day have risen drastically, with as many as over 80 meals served in one lunch hour, and an average of over 53 meals per day throughout the year.

The Thrift Store sells adult and children`s clothing, dishes and kitchenware, linens, books, craft and art supplies, toys games and puzzles, knick-knacks, and more. All of our items are donated from the community, sorted by volunteers, and utilized either to sell as is or sold by weight for recycling. Funds raised by the Thrift Store go directly into the Community Kitchen, as well as into slowly growing our business to meet the demands of the community and offer more employment opportunities. We also work with other agencies to offer community work experience to students, seniors, people with disabilities, and the under employed.

What People Are Saying

"Inspiring community connections one person at a time."

— Company motto

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