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Our Mission

Securing a Future for Canadian Wildlife.


Since 2008, WildAid Canada has been active in building partnerships with business, educators, and governments throughout the country. We are pursuing a variety of initiatives designed to counter the multi-billion dollar illegal international trade in wildlife products and to implement national programs to reduce the human threat to wildlife.

Integration of international wildlife issues into provincial anti-poaching programs has continued with six provinces now including non-native wildlife as part of their reporting structure. In addition, the provinces of Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick now extend protection to non-native species through their respective endangered species legislation.

With the passage of anti-shark fin legislation in Hawaii, California, Washington and Oregon, the debate over the issue has moved to the North American continent. WildAid Canada has been working in concert with other groups to implement bans in a number of provinces and was instrumental in the ban in Brantford in May 2011 that led to bans in Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Pickering, and is working with a number of additional government bodies on additional bans.

The organization has also met with federal officials to promote an expanded role for Canada in the Coalition Against Wildlife Trafficking (CAWT); an organization using bilateral agreements to strengthen wildlife protection initiatives among member states. When fully implemented, CAWT provides a strong parallel process alongside organizations like the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

Canada is home to two-thirds of all polar bears around the world and yet takes a very passive role in their well being. It would be tough to find anyone who does not relate Panda Bears to China or Koala Bears to Australia, but for polar bears you would get a number of options with Canada as likely a guess as any other northern country.

Two groups of polar bears in Ontario are under extreme threat with many organizations having written them off. WildAid Canada is working to save and protect polar bears in Canada with particular attention to the nearly 1,000 bears still residing in Ontario.

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