Windmill Microlending

Registered Name: Windmill Microlending / Le Moulin Microcrédits

Business Number: 862367182RR0001

Microloans for Refugees

Campaign Ends Sept. 30, 2021

Help refugees succeed in Canada by supporting interest-free microloans for their Canadian licensing and/or training to work in their field.

Windmill Microlending (Windmill) is a national microloan charity that provides character-based loans to internationally trained immigrants to help them work in their chosen field. We address a gap in traditional lending-often, immigrants get stuck in unemployment or low paying "survival" jobs because they can't afford to get licensed/trained in Canada and cannot access mainstream loans due to lack of credit history in Canada, collateral and income.

The recent Syrian refugee resettlement has heightened the need to support Syrian families and other recently landed refugees as they rebuild their lives in Canada. With the help of our partners, we have launched a program for refugees to limit their financial burden as they resettle. Windmill offers interest-free loans to refugees who have been in Canada for three years or less to help them pursue licensing/training to work in their field. As refugees fleeing conflict or persecution rebuild their lives in Canada, you can contribute to their success by funding their interest payments. 

Windmill loans are a proven, measurable way for newcomers to overcome initial financial barriers and enter into the Canadian labour market at their level of education, skill and experience. We know that Windmill borrowers move from under/unemployment to secure, stable careers to provide for their families. On average, their annual income doubles or triples (depending on their profession) -a considerable gain for them and their families, and for our economy through the increased income taxes they pay.

Because Windmill helps with a loan – not a handout – the benefit to our borrowers' sense of pride and feeling of self-worth is profound.

Please consider giving generously to this important program, or referring someone who may be interested. Your support at any level will make a difference to a new Canadian family.

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