Winter River - Tracadie Bay Watershed Association

Registered Name: Winter River-Tracadie Bay Watershed Association Inc.

Business Number: 846302669RR0001


The purpose of the Association is to protect and enhance the health and aesthetic qualities of the Winter River - Tracadie Bay watershed, which is the source of all municipal water for the City of Charlottetown.
Our main goals as outlined in our organization's Watershed Management Plan include:
  1. Improve and protect quality of both surface water and groundwater
  2. Protect the quantity of ground water - ensure extraction rate is sustainable
  3. Enhance public understanding of water
  4. Protect and enhance the health of bays and estuaries
  5. Protect and enhance freshwater ecosystems
  6. Improve agricultural practices to minimize negative impacts on the environment
  7. Enhance forest management
  8. Improve the management of shale pits/storage pits and associated activities
  9. Enhance recreational opportunities and promote active living
  10. Incorporate sustainability as a guiding principle in our approach to environmental, economic and social issues

Some of our accomplishments since we were established in 2008:

  • Planting approximately 18,000 native trees and shrubs
  • Installing about 300 brush mats
  • Creating almost 80 cover logs and cover rafts for fish habitat
  • Building and installing 125 nesting boxes for birds
  • Cleaning lots of garbage from Tracadie Bay
  • Clearing debris from most of the stream in the watershed
  • Educating hundreds of elementary school children during school field trips
  • Establishing a monitoring program which includes stream flows, spring flows, water temperatures, nitrate levels, insect collection, and much more.

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