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Our Mission

WISH Mission Statement:

To increase the health, safety and well being of women working in the sex trade in Vancouver’s downtown Eastside.


Operated by women for the exclusive use of female survival sex workers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, WISH Drop-In Centre is a registered non-profit society that furnishes a variety of services within a nurturing and non-judgemental environment.

In addition to serving hot meals, providing showering facilities, dispensing make-up, hygiene items, and clothing, WISH offers on-site nursing care, referrals to detoxification centres, rehabilitation houses, and shelters for upwards of 150 women per night. Our training program and Learning Centre have been hugely successful in guiding our participants to consider alternatives to their present high risk lifestyles.

What People Are Saying

" “I’ve tried all my life and now I fit in – I think I finally found myself down here. I feel happy for a change. I find myself laughing at the Centre and telling jokes and I feel accepted which in my whole life I hardly ever felt...at WISH I can be one of the women. That’s a big part of it”"

— Anonymous (Former WISH Participant)

"“It was challenging to return to work with a team, getting along with the very different women I work with. But I feel useful, appreciated. I feel like a nice, reasonable person. Less angry and stressed. “ "

— WISH Peer Safety Patrol Participant

"“This group means a lot to me because it has given me an uplift from my past life. I could feel the warmth from our instructors on everything, they’ve taught us so much and it makes me want to move on in life, with a better future. They gave me very good support.”"

— WISH Aboriginal Program Participant

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