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The Women's Centre of Calgary


Business Number: 874914955RR0001

Connections, support and change

Campaign Ended Jan. 31, 2016
At the Women’s Centre we see women from all walks of life, but the majority are struggling with poverty. Recently, unemployment rates have made this even more apparent.
The Centre relies on support from the community for all programs and services. While together we work hard to never turn women away, we do run out of items and have waitlists for certain programs. We hope that you can help us meet the needs of our shared community.
Here is a glimpse of the work we do, in the women’s own words:
“I have learned more English. My English has improved. I feel better and stronger. I feel more a part of the community.”
To date in 2015, volunteers have hosted 307 free workshops and groups with 2135 in attendance. The Practice English group, like all workshops, is free with supplies provided.
“The Women’s Centre has given me a safe space to explore who I am and how I can contribute to the community and women's issues.”
Volunteers organize discussion groups and publish policy documents on women’s issues like accessible childcare and affordable transit. Women with lived experience, like Leanne, have a place to share their stories and impact policy.
“I needed your help after leaving my kids’ dad when they were almost three and a half. I came for baby food and diapers quite a few times. We would not have made it without you. We are much better now.”
Women have received items like shampoo, diapers, food hampers, and children’s birthday gifts 8,612 times. Since January, volunteers have completed 3,480 referrals for the Food Bank, mattresses, clothing and furniture.
“The Women's Centre has helped me when I am going through tough times always and I really appreciate them being there for us.”
Over 550 volunteers are responsible for front-line peer support, hosting workshops, and advocacy work. In the first nine months of 2015, these volunteers have responded to 63,279 contacts with women.
In order to continue providing a space for support, connections and community building, we need your help. Your donation will go directly to our vision of women supporting communities, and communities supporting women. Every dollar has an impact.
Susan Gillies
Executive Director 
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