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The Women's Centre of Calgary


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Every woman's place for support, connections, and community.

The Women's Centre of Calgary


Our Mission

Every woman's place for support, connections, and community.

About The Women's Centre of Calgary

Every year, the Women’s Centre provides a safe and supportive space accessed by thousands of women in Calgary. The Women’s Centre is open to all women. We made over 50, 000 direct contacts with women in the city last year. More than 39% of the women who access our services are living in poverty.

Our approach provides opportunities for women to both get assistance as they need it and give back as they are able. We have three primary programs, Get Assistance, Connect with Others, and Work for Change. We work to build strong connections between these areas.

Get Assistance - The Women’s Centre assists women to meet their own and their family’s basic needs by providing emergency food, personal care items, referrals for clothing and furniture, access to technology, and Legal Advice Clinics.

Connect with Others - The Women’s Centre recognizes that social inclusion helps maintain healthy citizens, families and communities in society. The Centre provides space and opportunities (via workshops and gatherings) for women to support each other and develop a sense of belonging and community.

Work for Change  - The Women’s Centre not only works towards meeting the individual needs of women in Calgary, it also takes proactive steps to ensure women’s voices are present in the dialogue around various social, political and economic issues. We strive to give all women opportunities to get involved in social justice issues and have a voice in public policy.

Our trust-based work, supported by more than 200 active volunteers, is centered on a philosophy of women helping women.


39 - 4th Street NE


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