Wonder'neath Art Society

Registered Name: Wonder'neath Art Society

Business Number: 823696190RR0001

Wonder’neath Art Society brings practicing artists and local residents together in dynamic arts exploration through programs, education, artist studios and outreach.

We Value:

Wonder'neath Art Society believes in the transformative powers of art for individuals and communities. We create spaces for and prioritize art making that allows artists to be visible and develop meaningful relationships. We aim to listen and recognize many voices. We embrace collaborations that foster self knowledge, a sense of belonging, and problem solving through the arts.

Our Mandate:

Wonder'neath Art Society encourages and promotes art as a tool for expression, connection and social transformation by:

-providing affordable studio space for artists to develop or produce their work or craft;

-providing a neighbourhood-based arts studio where the public can gather and make art;

-demystifying the role of artists and art in our society through dialogue and experiential learning;

-fostering the role of practicing artists as creative catalysts and leaders in the community;

-developing creative partnerships, programs, and collaborative projects;

-fostering and sharing practices of excellence in the arts. 

Our Vision:

A neighbourhood deeply connected through the arts. 

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