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Syria/Türkiye Earthquake Response

Registered Name: World Renew

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Syria/Türkiye Earthquake Response

The Current Situation

In the early hours of the morning, on February 6th, a powerful magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocked south-eastern Türkiye, near the Syrian border, killing hundreds of people as they slept, injuring thousands more, and reducing five-storey buildings to piles of rubble. A few hours later, another earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.5, hit the region causing even more heartbreak and damage. These two earthquakes have been followed by more than one hundred smaller aftershocks. And in freezing, snowy conditions, rescue teams are now working to rescue survivors from the debris.

One of the hardest hit regions in Syria is in the north of the country where millions have already been enduring the hardships of the ongoing civil war, including families in refugee camps on both sides of the Syria-Türkiye border.

Our Response

World Renew is currently assessing the needs to determine how best to share Christ’s hope with the most vulnerable people impacted by this disaster.