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Raw Hope


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Raw Hope

Help children in the world’s most dangerous places survive, recover and build a future.

Show them they’re not alone.

Bombs drop. Food runs dangerously low. Governments and economies descend into chaos. For children in dangerous places, life can spiral in an instant.  

World Vision goes to the world’s toughest regions, helping children survive, recover and build a future.  

Through Raw Hope, you can help children facing the worst life has to offer. You’ll provide life-saving essentials like food, clean water, medicine, shelter and safe spaces for children to play, heal and learn. You’ll help families rebuild for the future.   

Not only does your Raw Hope donation help children persevere through crisis and uncertainty. It reminds them they’re not alone. 

Raw Hope works in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Honduras, Iraq, South Sudan, Syria and Afghanistan**. 

** As an International Partnership, World Vision Canada (WVC) is still operational in Afghanistan and working to meet the needs of children and their families. WVC has worked in Afghanistan but, as a result of a change in Afghanistan’s government, at this time, no Canadian raised funds (either from private donations or from government) can be programmed there due to Canadian Criminal Code restrictions. As concerned Canadians, you can call your federal Member of Parliament and express your concern and frustration that legal barriers make it impossible for Canadian charities, like WVC, to support work in Afghanistan. Raise your concerns about the significant level of needs and the urgency to remove these barriers so that life-saving work can resume.