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Great Giving Challenge: Help 106 bears at risk

The June Great Giving Challenge is back on once again at CanadaHelps, which means every donation you make to World Animal Protection Canada puts us in the draw to receive $20,000 to go where the need is greatest for animals. This year we are asking Canadians to donate to help 106 bears in our partner Sanctuary – Libearty Bear Sanctuary.

For many years now, along with our supporters, we have helped our partner, Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP), to create and run this world-renowned bear sanctuary in Zarnesti, Romania.

With the shutdown in tourism due to COVID-19 the sanctuary is no longer able to be self-sufficient, putting their 106 bears at risk.

This beautiful forest sanctuary is a safe haven for 106 bears mostly rescued from cruel captivity. Many were kept as “attractions”, living in appalling conditions and fed inadequate diets. Some were rescued from being killed in the wild as pest bears.

One of the bears at risk is the recently released Roxana (Pictured above).

When she was a cub, Roxana was used as a photo prop along the coast of the Black Sea in Romania. Her days were full of stress as she was forced into the hands of stranger upon stranger for profit.

After the age of three, when she was likely no longer ‘cute’ enough for photos, she was sent to Bârlad Zoo. This is where she remained for 12 long years, prior to her release to Libearty Bear Sanctuary this past November. It was during her time at the zoo, that she was bullied so badly by the fellow two bears to the point of injury, that she retreated to a small cage within the enclosure. Even there she was not safe. The other two bears would swipe and claw at her from outside the bars.

She is now finally free to roam through the forest and swim in one of the many pools at Libearty. We can’t allow this pandemic to take away her new-found freedom.

Your gift of $49 can provide veterinary care for the bears for 2 days, while $96 can feed a bear for two whole weeks! And your gift may have 200 to 400 times the impact as it can help us win the $20,000 to ensure the most urgent needs of bears and other animals are met.

  The situation is dire for Roxana and all of these bears, as explained by Christina Lapis, Manager of AMP and Libearty:

“Our income is down to almost zero, but our expenses are the same as before, or even higher because we don’t get as much free food and we have to take some measures for staff that cannot use public transport anymore.”

“This sanctuary is the bears’ only chance to live free from cruel captivity that they have endured for years. It is an example in Romania and has contributed to change people’s point of view regarding keeping bears and wildlife in cages.”

Please if you can give today do so now, while your gift can be worth an additional $20,000!