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Help end the cruel sport of bear baiting

Registered Name: World Society for the Protection of Animals Canada /Société mondiale pour la protection des animaux Canada

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Help end the cruel sport of bear baiting

Bear baiting is an inhumane blood sport where bears, unable to defend themselves, battle against trained dogs for the entertainment of humans. It was popularized in 18th century England and now is only found in parts of rural Pakistan.

Your support is needed today to protect bears like the one pictured above from this cruel practice.

From the time they are poached from the wild, to either their death or release – every waking moment for a bear who suffers in the sport of bear baiting is filled with terror and pain.

For a young cub her suffering begins when she is first taken from the wild – most likely after witnessing her mother get killed by a hunter. After that emotional trauma, she will endure horrific mutilations that will leave her defenceless. First her canine teeth may be extracted, broken or filed off with no pain killers or anaesthetics. Then her claws are ripped out at the root, and a nose ring or ropes are sewn through the young cub’s nose or muzzle causing agonizing pain.

When old enough for her first event, she will be tied up and have dogs let loose on her – attacking and biting her in front of crowds of onlookers.

This is why your donation today is so urgent – it can help end this cruel practice for good so bears don’t have to suffer this way and can remain in the wild where they belong.

Your donation today means:

  • You can provide surrendered bears with the food, veterinary care and environment they need at the Balkasar bear sanctuary
  • You can prevent future bear baiting events and reduce their acceptability and demand
  • You can improve legislation to protect wildlife and prevent bear ownership
  • You can provide other livelihoods to bear owners that are sustainable and animal friendly to end using bears for entertainment

Albus, Berdy and Brune’s story

Albus, Berdy and Brune are three new arrivals to our partner sanctuary – the Balkasar bear sanctuary. You can help them heal from their emotional and physical wounds by donating today.

Prior to their arrival their lives were filled with nothing but terror, abuse and hunger. They were fed rotten fruit out of dumps and fungus infested bread. When they were cubs, they endured the searing pain of burning rods in their muzzles and danced over hot plates as training - only to be forced into the cruel world of bear baiting when they grew up.   

Although these bears are now safe, there are more that continue to suffer, which is why we need your support today to help end this practice. Despite being illegal and an offence against Islam, the practice has survived due to weak laws and enforcement, poor animal welfare awareness, financial benefits for organizers, and a lack of alternative opportunities for poor bear owners.

The good news is that Berdy and Brune are already having fun playing together and enjoying their pool, while Albus enjoys lying and relaxing in his bed of dry grass. All three bears have good relationships with the staff and are enjoying their good diets, comfortable living conditions, and stress-free lives thanks to donors like you.