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Help for the Present’ during COVID-19

We need your help! There are a lot more people in Oakville than most of us realize struggling day to day to provide the basic necessities for themselves and their families.

Others have been getting by, however they have no savings to fall back on and will find themselves in a desperate situation if their income changes. The reality of the restrictions and constraints that have been imposed over the last few weeks because of the COVID-19 virus, will likely mean a loss of income for many - and that will result in significant hardship, difficulties and distress. The situation is unprecedented, and we don’t know what to expect moving forward.

We do know that KSM provides essential help to many, and it is important we are prepared and able to meet their needs in the coming days. That will mean we purchase food and hygiene products to ensure we have consistent and ample quantities.

It may also mean providing emergency benevolence for individuals or families in crisis.

We have modified our food market distribution to comply with the social distancing restrictions to ensure safety for our staff, volunteers and clients who depend on this essential service.

With your continued support we will be able to respond and provide Help for the present and Hope for the future to our neighbours in need.