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Portable Language Translators


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Portable Language Translators

We live in a wonderfully rich community of individuals from many origins and Yaletown House is no exception to this diversity.   To support our community, we need to purchase 7 Portable Language Translation Devices.

With the COVID-19 restrictions in long term care homes, and pandemic precautions for visitors entering, including family, the urgency for translating devices has been brought to the forefront this past year.  We need to ensure seniors have a voice and are heard regardless of any language barriers.  Any further lack of communication due to language issues can lead to isolation and withdrawal.  We see the translation devices mitigating this problem.

The best device for our needs is the Jarvisen Translator.  Some of the feature includes: Smart real-time translation between any two of the 60 supported languages, Less than .5 second instant response and far field microphone with noise reduction, to name a few.

Communication is a two-way tool and everyone deserves a voice and to be heard.

You can help us by supporting our Portable Language Translation Campaign – watch our video to learn more.

Portable Language Translator