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Sports and School Supplies

Registered Name: York Region Educational Services

Business No: 796041218RR0001

Sports and School Supplies

Have any new or used school supplies or sports equipment? Donate today!

School supplies allow our students to participate in many aspects of our lessons. Due to their expense, however, it is difficult to continuously supply high-quality learning materials at in-person programs while keeping our programs free.

We are also looking for donations of sports equipment. At our YRES summer camps, we supported children’s physical growth and social skills development by coordinating group games involving sports equipment (e.g., soccer, obstacle course). 

For a full list of eligible in-kind donations, please visit our website or contact us through

By your donation, you will continue to fuel our efforts to provide accessible and high-quality in-person programming. 

*Please note that CanadaHelps takes a small portion of the donation to cover the cost of using their service.