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Project Transform

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2022

Project Transform is a bold and necessary goal to move YLC away from over-dependence on volunteers, financial limitations and from a path of what has been incremental progress to date. Project Transform will help YLC to build the infrastructure needed to help more people say 'No' to suicide. 

YLC is committed to raising an initial CAD $7M to fund three main objectives:

1. Build our core team: to multiply the efforts of our professional volunteer base via a dedicated, funded professional team who have the qualifications, experience, and capacity to maximize YLC's considerable strategic and imperative opportunities.

2. Transform YLC's existing infrastructure so that we can: 

- concentrate our efforts on YLC's core competencies, i.e.steadying lives by enhancing existing programs to empower individuals, families, and communities to say 'No' to suicide; respond proactively and flexibly to operational needs and opportunities

- continuously develop and improve our online and offline capacity and relevance; advance education and understanding of suicide, continuing to align ourselves with the World Health Organization, the United Nations and other leading agencies

- alleviate poverty and suffering by providing financial assistance for counselling and other support to those in need

- make significant research contributions in suicidology and related fields via our academic partners

- become a household name for our work around the world to better deliver our messaging and reinforce our life-affirming approach via the media

3. Work towards fulfilling our vision:

- establishing a YLC Global Centre for Emotional & Mental Health & Research.

"Any man's (person's) death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind..." - John Donne, Poet. (1752-1631).

$15,000 raised out of $7,000,000 goal

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