Zoe's Animal Rescue Society

Registered Name: Zoe's Animal Rescue Society

Business Number: 830544938RR0001

Since 2012, Zoe's  has spayed and neutered and provided medical treatment for hundreds of animals in and around Edmonton.  We work at the source to prevent more unwanted animals being born  through our Spay/Neuter and return programming and funding, and our education outreach both in schools and door to door. We work with both pets and feral animals in these programs. We help with rehoming not only through our rescue but by providing guidance, resources, education, networking to people and animals when we are too full to take in more. We work with other rescues locally and beyond to improve the services we can offer to communities. We also provide referrals and guidance to solve problems so that animals stay in their homes rather than be rehomed. We have provided shelter, built fences and educated on maintaining a safe environment for both the people and pets of these targeted communities. Zoe's has taken in over 300 animals and has adopted them out into loving homes. We strive to find the perfect home with our indepth adoption application and have only a 3% return rate, while having a strict policy that you must return your animal to us if you are no longer able to take care of it.

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