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Zoocheck is an international wildlife protection charity that campaigns to help wild animals in captivity and in the wild.



Our Mission

The protection of wild animals.


Zoocheck is an "outcomes-based" international animal protection charity established in 1984 to promote and protect the interests and well-being of wild animals. We work to end the abuse, neglect and suffering of wildlife in captivity and the needless persecution of animals in the wild. We do that through:

  • investigation and research
  • public education and awareness campaigns
  • capacity building initiatives
  • legislative actions
  • litigation

Zoocheck has an outstanding track record of accomplishments. Here is a short list of what we've been able to do:

  • changes to numerous laws and policies across the country,
  • the establishment of new laws,
  • closing dozens of zoos,
  • stopping new zoos and wild animal exhibits from opening,
  • working to end the animal-based circus industry in Canada,
  • campaigning to end the keeping of whales and dolphins in captivitiy and their importation from the wild,
  • rescuing and relocating animals in need (including monkeys, big cats and elephants, such as the Toronto Zoo elephants),
  • challenging the slaughter of cormorants in the Great Lakes Basin (and drastically reducing the numbers of birds killed),
  • working to stop the cull of wild horses in Alberta,
  • convincing new governments to allow orphaned bear cub rehabilitation,
  • litigating in the courts on behalf of animals,
  • funding anti-poaching work in Africa to protect elephants and rhinos,
  • conducting capacity building workshops around the world to make the grassroots animal protection movement more effective.


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