Browse charities supporting wildlife conservation in Canada.

Wildlife is an essential part of our ecosystem. Negative human impacts such as deforestation, urban sprawl, and pollution are causing destructive harm to wildlife in Canada and around the world. Your donation will help charities advocate for wildlife conservation, conduct critical research, and support wildlife protection and rehabilitation.

Protect critical land by supporting charities dedicated to land conservation.

Protecting and preserving critical land in Canada and around the world is vital for the well-being of all living things. Naturalized and agricultural land provides us with clean air, water, food, space for recreation, and habitats for wildlife—all of which create and sustain healthy communities. Your donations will help charities protect important land for today and tomorrow.

Discover charities supporting renewable energy technology.

Protect planet Earth and help fight climate change by donating to a charity supporting renewable energy such as wind, water, or solar energy. Support renewable energy charities that are investing in education, research, and technologies that will help sustain a healthier environment for everyone. Your online donation will help charities take action to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, decrease air pollution, and end climate change.

These charities are making waves in water conservation.

Water is one of our most precious resources that must be protected. Your donation will support water conservation efforts, protect bodies of water, and ensure that we all have access to safe and clean drinking water.

Discover charities training the next generation of environmentalists

Youth are not just our future, they represent some of today’s environmental leaders. Your donations will fund valuable programs that will teach youth and children about the environment and the importance of achieving sustainability.

Support these charities helping global efforts to protect the planet.

Climate change is a global issue. These Canadian charities are supporting communities around the globe to fight against climate change and environmental destruction. Your donations will help protect forests, critical wildlife, and vital ecosystems around the world.

Discover charities supporting environmental research and advocacy.

Charities are fiercely advocating for solutions to prevent dangerous consequences as a result of climate change. Your donation will support research and advocacy efforts to address climate change today, to ensure a brighter future tomorrow.

Help protect trees, parks, and forests across Canada by supporting these charities.

Protecting and preserving our forests and parks across the country, charities are planting and caring for trees to maintain these important ecosystems. Your donations will support this critical work and will encourage Canadians to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors responsibly. Please give today.

Explore charities supporting sustainable development in Canada.

Our future relies on sustainable development. Charities across the country are promoting sustainable development practices to help protect our scarce natural resources. When you give today, your donation will help build sustainable communities tomorrow.