Pacific Spirit United Church

Dénomination enregistrée: Pacific Spirit United Church

Numéro d'entreprise: 119130417RR0001

Our Commitment

Pacific Spirit United Church, a Christian community: 

            Living lives of meaning, through faith, service and God’s love.


In God’s ever re-creating world, we are formed anew, open to possibilities.

We trust God is leading us.

            A Christian community, welcoming seekers, questioners and believers;

            A Diverse, Affirming and Reconciling congregation.


We find expressions of Jesus’ love in

            The wisdom of our children;

            The elders who hold a rich heritage;

            The grace of those in between;

            Action, compassion and caring;

            Attentiveness to Creation;

            Hearts open to the Divine.


We draw closer to the Holy through

            Worship that transforms;

            Spiritual practices that deepen faith;

            Hands and hearts offered in justice, responding to the world;

            Scripture and study that lead us to radical wonder;

            Music that opens us to awe;

            The Arts as an expression of the Sacred.


Many ways to enter; many ways to engage; many ways to respond to the Spirit’s call.


Pacific Spirit United Church:

Living lives of meaning…

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