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2b theatre company

Dénomination enregistrée : 2B THEATRE ASSOCIATION

Numéro d'entreprise : 868740929RR0001

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2b theatre company creates, develops, and presents works for the regional, national and international stages.

2b theatre company

À propos

Our Mission

2b theatre company strives to stimulate the mind and awaken the spirit by producing theatre that is innovative and challenging. We create, produce, present, and tour original work nationally and internationally. Our work is part of the evolution of contemporary theatre aesthetics. We are also an incubator, central to a thriving national theatre community, that offers a range of creation, performance, and production opportunities for arts professionals from our region and beyond.


Our work has been presented in 66 cities, 13 countries, and five continents. 2b has won two Herald Angel Awards, an Edinburgh Fringe First, and has been nominated for six Drama Desk Awards. 2b’s shows have been finalists for the Nova Scotia Masterworks Award three times and in 2018, Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story became the first theatrical production to win the award.

Your Contribution

With your support, we will continue to innovate with ambition and create with care. Your donation provides time, space, and resources for our artists, administrators, and collaborators. Whether your donation allows us to buy a stapler, draft a script, or take a production to Tasmania, it matters.

2b theatre productions are created in community, with a diversity of voices and ideas in the room. In turn, when we create theatre, we create community. We’re excited about cultivating relationships with our donors, and we want you to see the impact of your donation: on our artists, our audiences, and our communities.


6086 Quinpool Road

Halifax, NS, B3L 1A1

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