Dénomination enregistrée: 4Grow

Numéro d'entreprise: 811227982RR0001

Our Mission

To promote equality and equity within and between communities through a participatory approach to planning, especially focusing on the lives of the vulnerable.

Our Vision

An inclusive, self-reliant, just and peaceful community in which women, men and children alike have opportunities for sustained livelihoods and social services.

About 4Generating Real Opportunities for Women (4GROW)

4GROW was founded in 2014 to support GROW (i.e. Grace for Rural Orphans and Widows), a struggling Ugandan non-government organization (NGO) that helps rural women and vulnerable children in the village of Tilling.  In 2015 4GROW was incorporated as an NGO in both Canada and Uganda, and also registered as a Canadian charitable organization. Our projects and programs are organized into four themes:                                                                       

  1. Education - literacy for women, education for children (nursery  school, orphan boarding school sponsorships) and apprenticeship.                   
  2. Public Health - water and sanitation, Canadian medical missions, health promotion, and maternal health
  3. Agribusiness and Environmental Protection - micro-financing and food security through local farming
  4. Community Capacity Building - women leadership and governance, mental health, and spirituality, addressing gender inequality and other human rights

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