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Dénomination enregistrée : BEDFORD PASTORAL CHARGE,

Numéro d'entreprise : 890843865RR0001


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Our Mission

We value deep openness to the presence of God’s Spirit and the fostering of experiences that empower our awareness and connection with God’s Spirit.

We value spiritual learning and growth, that nurture and support us on the journey of life.

We value community that emerges out of respect, deep listening, openness, compassion, generosity and a spirit of joy and fun. We call this love!

We value participation that empowers the leadership and ministries of all people in a spirit of co-creation with God.

We value God’s creation and working for sustainability, justice and peace for creation.

We value living with integrity that creates alignment between our words and our actions and enables courageous choices and risking change in the fulfilling of our mission.


Bedford United is a non-dogmatic church. We believe in God, that God was revealed to the world in Jesus, and that God's Presence is active in all of creation through the Spirit. However, we do not require everyone to think and believe in exactly the same way. We experience the joy and the freedom that derives from the Spirit of God, the same Spirit revealed in Jesus. We appreciate and welcome diversity of thought and lifestyle within the context of our core beliefs and values. Indeed, it is this diversity that contributes to the richness of our shared life.

Like the larger United Church of Canada, we possess a strong commitment to social justice, global peace and equality. But we are also passionate about spiritual growth in our individual and collective lives. We consider social justice and spirituality to be simply two sides of the one ministry of Jesus. In our Sunday worship life, we joyfully lift up both these dimensions of our ministry and faith.


1200 Bedford Highway

Bedford, NS, B4A 1C3

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