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Creating a Better World for Future Generations

A million strong, our membership community has the ability to create meaningful, sustainable change in the places where we each live and work. Imagine the power of small, individual actions for a big, collective impact—how much good we could do, for instance, if each of us donated even a single dollar. The AMA Community Foundation supports issues that are close to your heart, and that make Alberta stronger for the members of tomorrow. Because we believe businesses do well by doing good.

Protecting the things that matter most is our commitment to our members. That’s why we reimagined the AMA Foundation for Traffic Safety—which for two decades has funded critical traffic safety research—as the AMA Community Foundation. We knew there was more we could do, beyond the road, to look after future generations of Albertans.

The Foundation has been expanded to include work in three priority areas, in addition to our critical work in traffic safety: climate good, childhood safety, and food security. You told us these issues were important to you and we listened.

Food Security 

The soaring cost of living means that families who were teetering on the brink, are now being forced right off it. Children represent more than a third of food-bank users in Alberta—and we know that hunger can create inequity that has ripples for the rest of their lives. From supporting schools in garden programs to donating to community food banks, we believe more can and must be done to address this issue.

Climate Good 

We promote environmental awareness, minimize our footprint, and champion climate initiatives for the benefit of all Albertans. Because for people to be mobile, there must be places to go. From our rewilding project to our pollinator program, AMA is passionate about protecting our planet.

Childhood Safety 

AMA’s promise to protect what matters most includes our young people’s future: the quality of the air they’ll breathe, the safety of the roads they’ll drive, and the sustainability of the food they’ll one day serve their children. Building on nearly nine decades of operating the AMA School Safety Patrol, we’re excited to expand our commitment to Alberta’s youth and explore new ways of supporting their well-being.

Traffic Safety 

AMA remains committed to improving traffic safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. We do this by funding research to understand critical traffic safety issues and determine the causes of collisions.




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