Avens - A Community for Seniors

Dénomination enregistrée: Avens - A Community for Seniors

Numéro d'entreprise: 108225061RR0001

AVENS - A Community for Seniors (registered charity number: 108225061RR0001) is a seniors care campus that currently provides long-term and dementia care to residents of the Northwest Territories who are unable to function independently because of physical, medical and cognitive disabilities, and has 32 independent housing units. The 29-bed AVEN Manor (long-term care), 28-bed AVEN Cottages (dementia and respite care), 24-unit AVEN Court, and 8-unit AVEN Ridge independent housing facilities are all at 100% capacity and all have long wait lists. Besides housing and medical support, Avens provides residents with a wide range of social activities. AVEN’s Recreation Therapy Department provides a variety of programs to AVENS residents and Yellowknife seniors who attend the day respite program. Recreation therapy programs are provided seven days a week with day time and evening activities available. Programs are intended to enhance quality of life by providing opportunities that contribute to a healthier mind and body. Programs are also designed to assist people with physical, cognitive and social limitations make the most of their lives. The variety of programs offered provides each resident with the opportunity for physical activity, intellectual stimulation, creativity, socialization and spirituality, and a community connection is maintained in the form of community outings throughout the month.

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