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Aquatic Biosphere Society

Dénomination enregistrée : Aquatic Biosphere Society of Canada

Numéro d'entreprise : 831481387RR0001

The Aquatic Biosphere is the creation of a public ecotourism attraction for education & conservation on water and aquatic ecosystems.

Aquatic Biosphere Society

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The Aquatic Biosphere Society of Canada is developing a public conservation, education and research facility centred on water and aquatic ecosystems. The project, called The Aquatic Biosphere, is based in Edmonton, and supports public education, general education and conservation in the critically important area of earth's aquatic ecosystems.

Founded in 2014, the Society is a volunteer-operated organisation. A dedicated group of passionate individuals has dedicated many hours in building the concept and plans, creating an incredible vision for the Capital Region of Alberta and for the Province itself. 

The focus on water as one of critical our life-sustaining resources has become increasingly important in the face of population pressures, climate change impacts, and pollution. Based in the largest agricultural centre of Canada, the people of the Prairies are intimately tied to the heartbeat of our water cycle. 

Learning the story of water, from local waters to distant seas, and how they are interconnected is part of the focus. Incorporating these lessons and studies into schools and general public education is another part of the mission. Independent research facilities create opportunities for contributions on a global scale. 

The Society brings a unique opportunity to create a facility of environmental relevance, of extended education, of economic impact, and of personal involvement surrounding a life-critical resource that touches every aspect of life on earth. 

If water and aquatic life is one of your passions, please consider supporting the Aquatic Biosphere Society of Canada and JOIN THE WAVE, to journey with us on this amazing venture.

Note: The Society has recently changed its name (Nov 2022) from the original Aquarium Society of Alberta. It takes time to transition all the records, so you may see both names being displayed. The Charity Registration Number remains the same. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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