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Artbound is a public foundation. We partner with registered charities to fundraise for art-inspired programs all over the world.


À propos

Artbound leverages the power of art and creativity to affect positive change all over the world. We operate as a public foundation. This means that we can raise money and issue grants to other Canadian charities. We have partnered with some amazing organizations and together we have developed programs that will fight the cycle of poverty, empower youth, and provide safe spaces to children affected by war (just to name a few).

Our goal is to support the arts and inspire artists to use their creativity to raise funds for or charity partners. 

We will do this through Creative Deeds:

What is Creative Deeds?

Creative Deeds is a crowd funding website designed to raise funds for art focused projects in Canada and all over the world. Creative Deeds are mini campaigns that raise money for a selected charity. Participants can choose how they want to  use their creativity and start a campaign. 100% of the money raised through Creative Deed campaigns are directly transferred to the selected charity. Artbound and Creative Deeds do not take any $ for administration costs. 

Our charity partners have developed art focused programs and will use Creative Deeds funding to achieve their fundraising goals. 

These projects are:

War Child: War Child helps children reclaim their childhood by operating 45 child friendly safe spaces in Afghanistan. These spaces provide children with the room to be children, restoring their creativity and providing them with a place to play and learn. 

Community volunteers run creative and educational activities for children such as singing, drawing, storytelling, crafts and games. Creative Deeds funding will support 18,000 beneficiaries of this program. 


The Unity Day program empowers youth to make positive life choices by engaging in artistic expression. Unity introduces youth to new artistic concepts and art forms such as breakdance, spoken word and graffiti art. Unity leaders serve as positive role models and teach students to become engaged in their communities. Through funding through Creative Deeds Unity will bring Unity Day programs to 10 schools across Canada impacting approximately 13,000 youth per year.

Free the Children:

INAMUH (Institute de Musique d’Haiti) is a new program in Terre Cassée, dedicated to teaching music to young students; instruments like the violin or drums so they can perform local songs in youth orchestras. There has been a great need identified for this program and it has now grown beyond capacity. With our support, Free the Children will build a space to expand the school program. INAMUH will serve as the anchor school through which additional arts programming will be provide. 

Waves of Hope: Waves of Hope in Nicaragua helps communities design their path out of poverty by ensuring building blocks for success are delivered: clean water solutions and local infrastructure improvement. Currently, Arts programs have no government funding despite the evident need and passion for arts among the youth. Creative Deeds will fund a long term sustainable program consisting of three pillars: Music, Dance and Visual Art. 


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