Ausome Canada

Dénomination enregistrée: Ausome Canada

Numéro d'entreprise: 795720127RR0001

Our mission

To enrich the lives of families living with autism through sport

Our values

No one should be excluded from sports. But for kids with autism, playing sports isn’t always easy. Sometimes, community programs are not designed to meet the needs of kids with autism. In other cases, financially stressed families just can’t afford to enrol, after they have paid for all their child’s therapies.

Ausome Ottawa exists to change this. Our vision of ‘Ausome’ is an opportunity for every kid with autism to participate in sports in a program that meets their needs.

A donation to Ausome Ottawa will go directly to creating sports programs for kids with autism – programs that are provided free to families and which have just the right setting and support for this group of kids and their families. If the programs already exist in the community, Ausome Ottawa helps families to access them, either by providing the information and/or support they need.

Current research indicates that 1 in 66 kids live with autism. That means that, in Canada, 115,000 kids and teens are affected. Ausome Ottawa is the only organization in the community dedicated to providing sports programs to those living with autism.

You can make a difference in the life of a child with autism by investing in Ausome Ottawa. You’ll be giving them a safe, inclusive, and fun place to get active with their family and friends.

Our Community

The Ausome team believes in community. Whether or not you or someone you love, lives with autism, you will benefit from being involved with Ausome Ottawa. We are entrepreneurs who believe in innovation and want to grow a community of like-minded volunteers, donors, sponsors, program providers and participants.

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