BCCDC Foundation for Public Health


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Who we are & what we do

The BCCDC Foundation for Public Health improves public health in BC by funding evidence-based initiatives that have an immediate impact on the health of British Columbians. We see prevention and health promotion as the keys to keeping our population safe and healthy.

We pursue and achieve positive health for our province by forming active partnerships with allied individuals, NGOs, governments, and businesses. Our primary partner is the BC Centre for Disease Control.

Our public health priorities

Public health covers many different areas, actions, and initiatives. We've distilled our funding priorities into three areas, with corresponding projects:

     Reducing Harms

     Supporting overdose-response initiatives, eliminating stigma against people who use substances, and empowering peer groups to make a difference at a grassroots level in their communities. 

     Addressing Threats

     Childhood asthma is the most common childhood condition. Researchers at the BC Centre for Disease Control think that we may be able to prevent it though. We're supporting new research to determine if antibiotic use in infancy can contribute to developing asthma later in childhood. 

     Emerging Areas

     Emerging areas holds two funds: the Driving Innovation Fund and the newly-created Emergency Response Fund. The Driving Innovation Fund provides flexible and broad funding for growth, innovation, and development of new ideas and initiatives. It supports the awareness raising and public education of what public health really is, and how it's important to all of us. The Emergency Response Fund supports rapid response activities to public health emergencies. See the campaign page for more information about the Emergency Response Fund. 

How you can help

Investing in public health solutions is good for you, your community, and our province. By supporting new research, projects, and innovations that protect the health of our population, we're saving thousands of families from injury and illness each year. Why not keep ourselves safe and healthy now, rather than working to fix an issue after its struck? When you make a gift to any of our priority areas, that's precisely what you're doing. 

The BCCDC Foundation funds evidence-based work, led by experts, that prevent you and your family from illness and injury. Join us in pushing the envelope, and setting the standard of excellence for health in BC.

Visit the BCCDC Foundation website to learn more, and about our special projects. 

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