Dénomination enregistrée: A PORT IN THE STORM INC.

Numéro d'entreprise: 851412833RR0001

Our Mission

A safe haven for rural and northern adults requiring medical care in Winnipeg

 What We Do

Every year, people in rural and remote communities in Manitoba and Northwest Ontario with serious medical issues learn they can only access essential treatment hundreds or thousands of kilometres away in Winnipeg.

Facing an extended stay far from home, some of these patients worry about losing their savings, or even their home, because of the cost of staying in Winnipeg. Others realize they’ll have to go alone because they can’t manage the added expense of meals and accommodation for a family member.

Sadly - because of the cost or because they can’t bear to be alone - some people decide to forego life-saving or life-extending treatment.

Since 2012, A Port in the Storm has been providing patients with comfortable accommodations in Winnipeg at a fraction of the cost of regular furnished apartments or hotel rooms, meaning they can afford to come to Winnipeg for medical care and have loved ones stay with them if they wish. People coming to A Port in the Storm on their own are comforted and supported by a caring community.

Without any government support, A Port in the Storm relies entirely on private donations to offer an affordable option for those who so desperately need one.

Your donation to A Port in the Storm means people will have ‘a place to call home’ when illness pulls them away from their own.

Learn how your gift provides a safe haven for someone facing a health crisis:    http://www.aportinthestorm.ca/stories/index.cfm

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