Dénomination enregistrée: ANIMAL ADVOCATES SOCIETY of BC

Numéro d'entreprise: 834396178RR0001

Animal Advocates Society of BC is an animal rescue and advocacy organization located in Vancouver BC. AAS gets appeals for help for a suffering animal from all over the world. We respond to every appeal with help and advice learned in 25 years of hands-on rescue.

We advocate for all animals through our website and our Facebook page where we have more than 52k followers.

We work at the root causes of cruelty and overpopulation through many spay and neuter programs and animal welfare campaigns, as well as working to improve animal-cruelty laws in BC and Canada.

AAS is the acknowledged go-to expert in the field of chained dog rescue. Our dog rescue videos have been viewed over 13m times. They are embedded on websites such as Reddit, Pinterest, Little Things, Rumble, Animal Rescue Site, on many Facebook pages, and hundreds more.

Our YouTube page is

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