Abbotsford Association for Healthy Aging

Dénomination enregistrée: Abbotsford Association for Healthy Aging

Numéro d'entreprise: 888376597RR0001

Abbotsford Association for Healthy Aging was incorporated in 1989 as an umbrella organization to coordinate programs and promote activities supporting the health and well-being of seniors in the Abbotsford area.  Our Society has been responsible for initiating several essential programs and services including; but not limited to, Valley Alert Lifeline, Abbotsford Health Awareness, Peer Support for Seniors, and the Friendly Visiting Program among many other programs and partnerships.


A community that embraces and supports those who are aging or experiencing isolation.


To initiate and facilitate programming that promote awareness regarding healthy aging and reducing isolation of at-risk populations.


To educate government, community agencies, and the general public about the needs of seniors. To develop and maintain resource information on the needs of seniors and their requirements for healthy and independent lifestyles.

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