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Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness

Dénomination enregistrée : Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness Society

Numéro d'entreprise : 787922723RR0001

Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness

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Our Mission: To lovingly provide culturally supportive housing, affordable housing and services that end Aboriginal homelessness on Vancouver Island.

The Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness Society (ACEH) is a non-profit and registered charitable organization whose sole focus is to support Indigenous peoples experiencing homelessness. The work of the ACEH is centered on the voices of Indigenous peoples who have shared their immediate needs, lived experiences, and perspectives on solutions. Through building partnerships locally and island-wide, the ACEH works to identify and address systemic and structural barriers, share information, resources, and lessons learned, while also providing cultural supports, connections, and housing stability. The role of the ACEH is critical because there is not another Indigenous-led organization on Vancouver Island that has ending Indigenous homelessness as its sole focus. The ACEH has a vision to lead long-term systemic change to better meet the needs of our people living away from home and experiencing homelessness.

Financial donations help fund the following program areas: 

Indigenous Women's Housing (SPAKEN HOUSE): 21units of supportive housing where Indigenous women experiencing homelessness are helped on their healing journey through gardening, elder support, hot meals, and connection to culture.

Family Reunification: linked to the women's housing this program allows parents who have experienced homelessness to be reunited with their children in a safe and supportive setting.

Land-Based Healing: this program allows Indigenous people who have struggled with homelessness and substance use issues to tap into the healing power of nature and Indigenous cultural connections to the land.

Shelter (CULTURALLY SUPPORTIVE HOUSE): Originally 10 units of culturally supportive housing the ACEH is now opening a new 42 unit culturally supportive house that will offer peer support workers, a resident elders, detox support, and pathways to independent living.

Independent Living: whether in the women's house or the culturally supportive house the goal is always to support a move to independent living. Specialized support workers help our Indigenous family members (we don't call them clients) find long-term housing and develop the skills to live independently.

Outreach: The ACEH outreach team works tirelessly, for those living in absolute homelessness, to ensure they are safe, warm, and have enough to eat. The outreach team also does intakes for housing and connects Indigenous peoples living in homelessness with approprate resources.

Research: All the programs the ACEH offers are based on our ongoing research and development of best practices. The ACEH believes that the Indigenous Steet Community must be closely involved in designing the processes and programs meant to help them.


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