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Association for Canadian Educational Resources

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As our climate changes, ACER supports communities with grass-roots initiatives to plant, measure and monitor, and report on tree health.

Association for Canadian Educational Resources

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ACER: Helping communities understand and respond locally to global climate change

The Association for Canadian Educational Resources empowers communities to monitor, measure, mitigate, and adapt to the impacts of climate change. We engage with communities to improve their health and the health of their urban forest. We use international monitoring protocols to measure trees we plant, which promotes collaboration and a deeper understanding of our changing climate. We engage school groups from grades K to 12 and provide STEM-related curriculum materials.

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ACER has served as a career launchpad for many incredible folks. Read more about our former interns that have gone on to have impactful careers in the environmental field: ACER Alumni Blog Series.

Our Programs

Planting for Change

Planting for Change is a long-term tree planting, measuring, and monitoring initiative conducted with students in their schoolyards. Since the program began in 2008, we have planted at more than 60 schools in Ontario. 

Project Crossroads

Project Crossroads was a post-COVID-19 initiative that leveraged our Planting for Change program. The initiative involved tree planting, measuring, and monitoring that extended to nonprofit agencies, faith-based groups, and service organizations.

Riparian Rangers

Riparian Rangers paired volunteers with partnering conservation authorities to plant, measure, monitor, and collect data on trees planted within 50 meters of a watercourse. This program involvement with with 13 conservation authorities across the province of Ontario, and the data collected has been invaluable in determining methodologies for green infrastructure, as well as developing climate change mitigation strategies.

Go Global

Go Global is a network of one-hectare forest plots across Ontario, established using a protocol developed by the Smithsonian Institution. These plots demonstrate the effectiveness of local monitoring and reporting of environmental change in long-term forest biodiversity monitoring programs.

In addition to our programs, we run shorter-term initiatives funded by government grants from both the federal and provincial levels.

ACER also provides resources and other learning materials via our website, including curriculum planning resources, word searches and quizzes, and tree measuring and monitoring training materials and videos.

Even a small donation makes a big difference -- every dollar goes toward program development, implementation, collecting tree data, creating resources for educators and the community, and more. 


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